• Exercise Selection

  • Program Design & Troubleshooting

  • Goal-based Sports Nutrition

  • Meal Plans & Food Prep Strategies

  • Time Management & Scheduling

  • Sport Strength & Conditioning

  • Endurance Sport Weight Training

  • Technique & Postural Analysis

  • Movement & Gait Analysis

  • Corrective & Post-rehab Exercise

  • Injury Alternative Exercise Selection

  • Virtual Online Training & Nutrition



  First times into a gym can be daunting to say the least. Taking the mystery out of basic exercise programming and actually teaching someone to fish in the proverbial sense versus repeatedly handing them a fish is the cornerstone of my method.  Whether formerly in shape or literally picking up a weight for the first time, the one commonality is that anyone can make progress once we get their ducks in a row.

Kids & Teens

  Establishing good fitness habits can and should be started early in life. With the U.S. Center for Disease Control declaring childhood obesity a growing concern for Americans, there are plenty of ways to make fitness fun for kids and strategies to implement for increased activity or even to prepare kids for further athletic activity as they grow.


  Exercise programming at any age can be augmented to a positive degree. This is no more apparent in the silver set. With concerns like osteoporosis at the forefront of a variety of aging concerns, proper exercise and nutrition programming can improve quality of life and

Special Populations

  I’ve worked with plenty of people from all walks of life as well as those with a variety of medical conditions or considerations. Everyone from post-partum mothers seeking to gain back health after pregnancy, folks with medical issues (under physician guidance) down to those who’ve been discharged from physical therapy and don’t know where to go from there. My philosophy revolves around finding any feasible alternative to help anyone get results in the gym and teaching them how to be self-sufficient and empowered where their fitness is concerned.

advanced Trainees

Are you an athlete getting ready for the upcoming season of your sport of choice? Are you a weight room regular looking to learn more advanced cues on barbell lifts or troubleshoot other movements? Or maybe you’ve stalled out in your progress and are scratching your head as to why. In any case, we can work together to shore up those deficiencies and keep your progress moving upward.

virtual online trainees

With increasingly hectic schedules, time and energy are at a premium.  By the time commutes and gym time are factored in, sometimes the prospect of regular gym attendance is just not feasible.  Combine that with the need to prep healthy food to make those workouts worthwhile and it's a frantic mess!  So why not utilize technology to solve those problems!  Video teleconferencing allows nutritional consultations and workouts from the comfort of your own home, on your time.