• Basic programming and cloud access to the day’s workout can be provided at the end of each single session
  • Training sessions run up to 55 minutes in length
  • Meal plans provide a customized layout for the individual’s age, height, sex, body weight, allergy considerations and goal set. Plans include macronutrient breakdowns for major nutrients (calories/carbs/protein/fat).
  • Updates/tweaks to the meal plan good for one month from purchase date with cloud access to meal plan in perpetuity.

    -- Single --

    (Session / Meal Plan / Program)


    •   Test the waters with a single session or train intermittently, get a written program you can implement on your own or have a meal plan constructed based on your individual needs.  This also is a great option for those who just need nutritional support on occasion and are fairly autonomous with their own program.  

    8 Sessions + Meal Plan

    (2x/wk. for 4 wks.)

    $520 ($65/Session

    •   More sessions equals greater retention of instructed movements as well as reinforcing better habit establishment. In addition, training packages come with included nutritional support and dietary augmentation for the duration of the training package.  Workout plans are custom-tailored including assignment workouts for non-training session workouts. 

    12 sessions + Meal Plan

    (3x/wk. for 4 wks.)

    $720 ($60/Session)

    •   The ultimate in consistency and monitored progress.  For those wishing greater regularity and more frequency with training, this is a great option.  
        Train three times weekly and get complete coverage for your workout plan and nutritional strategy at a further discounted per-session rate.